" All roads lead to Rome"

REALLY ???  ALL roads?

Not unless you ...
  • know that you want to go to Rome
  • make plans and set time aside to go there
  • explore the possiblilities of how to get there
  • do the risk assessment -- pros & cons
  • decide what is the best path and vehicle for you
  • plan the journey - buy the ticket
  • plan your stay and adventures according to your strenghts and interests

The EXPLORE program is designed to clarify your desired destination and guide you on the journey setting specific goals to get there

This program may be for you if:
  • you need a change, just not sure what it is yet
  • you don't know what to do next to be more fulfilled
  • you want to succeed at what you love to do

  • discovering your character strengths, which are your superpowers
  • creating a clear roadmap to where you want to go
  • learning and using new tools to get to your goals sooner rather than later


"You are turning a key within the depth of me 
I am deep heartedly grateful! "

NYC Client
Why this works -- The science behind
Research shows that GRIT is the most reliable predictor of success, more so than talent or IQ. Passion and perseverance for long-term goals, a belief that failure can be overcome, the willingness to conquer challenges and to move forward in spite of roadblocks. Grit can be cultivated and sustained. Knowing and using your character strengths is also proven to increase your happiness and life satisfaction. Vast studies on motivation show how extrinsic and intrinsic factors relate to performance and well-being, and how our experience of autonomy, competence and relatedness may foster the highest level of motivation and engagement.   

Working with these concepts we will learn, apply and custom tailor the tools for your needs and desires. Having a solid plan informed by your strengths and passion, with the assistance of your self determined goals that are congruent with your values, your journey continues to places you've never thought you could tread. We will explore: What are you good at? What do you want? How do you get there?

Together we are building your muscles for abundance and success. Exploring and designing your next steps towards your fulfilled and meaningful life.