" All world's a stage, ​​
And all the men and women merely players"

REALLY ???  MERELY players?

You can also ...
  • be the writer, the director and the producer of your life
  • be open to experimenting and looking through different lenses
  • chose to take control in the editing of your life story
  • decide the type of projector and the screen
  • become the player who knows how to play an A+ game
  • create and develop your character with more layers and depths
  • reinvent your story, and inspire others to trust and reinvent theirs

The ENVISION program is designed to write and rehearse your new role and image. Starring YOU as your best possible self

This program may be for you if:
  • you are open to accept and change 
  • you are excited about activating, calibrating, and maximizing your strengths
  • ​you are willing to exercise a growth mindset using video feedback

  • creating and trying out the new role of the Successful You
  • becoming your own exemplar
  • envisioning your flourishing and reaching your maximum potential


"Andrea is a true genius and recognizes genius in her clients, peers, and mentors. The world truly is her stage and she enables everyone to be a star, the true sign of a professional."
​​​Nancy Sondag, LCAT, RDT/BCT

Why this works -- The science behind
Research suggests that imagining one’s best possible self has been used effectively to enhance optimistic thinking to improve well-being and elevate positive expectations about the future. Benefits are show the use of positive interventions such as, the exercise called the  Best Possible Selfhas been shown to boost people’s positive emotions, happiness levels and hope while improving coping skills.

We will take it a step further to explore your best possible self using video feedback. Our perspectives are shifting based on how we see ourselves and how we are seen by others. Being in an audience role, watching ourselves from the outside in also allows us to calibrate how we want to present ourselves. That can instill confidence and sense of control over the future, knowing how we want to be perceived. 

In practicing these exercises and watching our best possible selves on camera, we act as our own exemplars - an excellent model that pushes the existing paradigm, and establishes a desired new normal.